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China plush toy manufacturers to export to Russia bullish

China plush toy manufacturers to export to Russia bullish

How to use the various trading platform for foreign trade enterprises plush toys custom transformation and upgrading, make Chinese foreign trade enterprises in the consolidation of the old market while constantly opening up new markets is country and enterprise concerns and the research important topic, is to "go out" China trade"925" working Chongzhongzhi is heavy.

A case study of Russia, due to the accumulation of many years down the " gray customs clearance" and other illegal acts, plus a lot of Chinese businessmen doing business in Russia status is not legitimate, not to pay taxes according to law and other factors which cause operating illegal, the Chinese businessmen in Russia 's life and property safety not Russian federal government legal protection. Especially in2009 6 at the end of the Russian civil trade the biggest business premises - Moscow Cherki AzovSky big market by the government of the Russian Federation to not be legitimate by forcibly closed, causing more than 00000000 in lost of Chinese businessmen in Russia, Russian folk go trade drops into trough.

Closing soon2011 Hongkong toy fair, from the Russian buyers to double-digit growth, and many enterprises participating toys plush toys manufacturers actively explore the Russian market and other emerging market, has become the market demand strong evidence.

China is known as "the world toy factory ", but because China's toy manufacturers are OEM products coupled with the rising costs of technical barriers to trade in the presence of other reasons, so that our toys in Europe and the United States and other traditional toys on the market profit is less and less. Compared with traditional markets in Europe and America, emerging markets have step by step in show business.

But as an emerging market especially the one of the four Russian, Russian toy market increase the annual rate of 30%, Russia 2010toy sales in more than 4000000000 U.S. dollars, of which more than 60% from the Chinese production of plush toys manufacturers, strong market demand still let it become one of important foreign trade to develop the market. According to the toy export province of Guangdong Institute of foreign trade and economic statistics data shows,2010Guangdong toy exports to Russia more than 6000000, compared with the year 2009162000000dollar, amplitude is high up to 70%.

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