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Plush toy manufacturers to create profits

Plush toy manufacturers to create profits

The high cost of high inflation pressure, toy manufacturers to create profits? The next few years, toys baby supplies market and consumer demand will be how to change?

Chinese toy industry fast development of more than 30 years, plush toys manufacturers has become the world's largest, most perfect facilities, technology leader in the industry cluster, the world toy market for more than 80% products made in China export. But in recent years, the rapid change of the market environment at home and abroad, toy enterprise faces various challenges.

The toy industry and Yingtong supplies industry, whether from product function, using audience, sales channels or exhibition, plush toys customized both in recent years showed more obvious trend of fusion. Therefore, toys and baby supplies market and demand changes each other, there are subtle and close contact. Under the new situation, plush toys manufacturers how to strengthen cooperation, create a win-win situation; industry how to maintain the vitality of its development and persistence, is the industry's most concerned about the topic.

1 keep innovation ability, development difference and high value-added products to defuse costs brought pressure.

2, diversification of sales channels, continued development of the incremental market.

In 3, the reasonable control of the procurement of materials and time.

4, strengthen the management of accounts receivable.

5, mechanization promotion efficiency, ease processing plush toys processing labor cost.

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