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Toy manufacturer

Toy manufacturer' laborer barren' when

China since last June to restart the national currency reform, national currency against the dollar depreciated beyond5%, and plush toys customized raw material prices are rising continuously, used in toys motor rare earth price rose 50%, plastic, metal and other raw materials are also on the rise. However, as a daily necessities toys in difficulties, in April of this year held the 109th session of the Canton Fair, many toys exhibitors reactions, increase domestic customer walked away. The pressure test with a toy bear capacity. 1 May this year, China plush toy manufacturers export 3310000000 U.S. dollars, increased by only 13%, far behind China export growth of 25.5% over the same period.

China toy exports to over80% of the domestic market, most of them mainly to OEM, toy manufacturers industry gross margin is about 8% ~10%, net profit in the 2% ~ 3%. China Chamber of Commerce for import and export in November last year on toys and other light industry export enterprises shows, since the second half of last year nearly 80 percent profit landing. Not only the toy industry in Pearl River Delta days difficult, some large toy export enterprises also burdened, are changing careers or migration.

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